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VitaMagenta is a freeze-dried mix of papaya, beetroot, pineapple and camu camu. Added to  water it provides a healthy alternative to sugar-rich sodas.

As a sweetener, stevia extract is added. Aside form stevia, VitaMagenta does not contain any taste enhancers, conservatives, colorants or added sugars. An absolute must-have for anyone with an active life-style, trying to lose  extra weight, in case of fatigue, ...

VitaMagenta is a rich source of vitamin C:

  • contributes to reduction of fatigue and oxidative stress when practicing sports + retaining  the normal function of the immune system after intense physical excecices. 
  • the formation of strong bones and cartilage
  • Healthy and strong teeth
  • an optimal function of the nervous system, this way supporting  concentration.
  • contributes to the normal function of blood vessels & skin 
  • reduces fatigue and cotnributes to the energy yielding metabolism
  • improves the absorption of iron

1 glass (200ml) of VitaMagenta contains just 1,6 kcal and a staggering 56% of the recommended intake of  100% natural  vitamin C.

Recommended daily intake: 1 liter, spread across the day delivers  280% RI  vitamin C &  just 8 kcal!

1 packaging =  28 liters of sugarfree vitamin C-rich health-drink!
€45,00 for 1 unit
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